Hello everyone!

Another day and another successful TV ad production project has been completed!  This time it is the IFIC Money Transfer TV ad that we have been working on for last three weeks.

The video can be found here: IFIC Money Transfer TV ad production.  

If you have been following our blog, you will notice that the background set we used is a bit different from the initial set designed by our animator. The reason is very simple. During the whole video production process we are always constantly updating our clients regarding various aspects of the process. This time after some consultations with the client we decided to change the set to one that is less high contrast and more easy on the eye. We had  to make some concessions regarding the use of brand’s colours though. The red and green which are the main colours used in IFIC Money Transfer branding proved to be too intense to be used for the background set. We hope we found a solution that both the client and the viewers will be more happy with.

How much does a video production like this cost?

Now that the project is completed, we are happy to share with you that you also can produce a similar video for your company with a budget of £1200 (it is August 2016 and the price can change over time). How can we afford to produce a TV ad with such a relatively cheap video production budget? The reason is complex but simple in the same time. We are a small dedicated team of multi-skilled individuals. That means we can provide a full service video production without outsourcing any skills. This reduces our costs drastically.

If you also are interested in TV ad production at affordable rates – get in  touch.