Pricing – £700 To £1500

Pricing – £1800 To £2500

Pricing – £700 To £1600

Pricing – £700 To £1000
Pricing – £700 To £1000
Pricing – £700 To £1000

Corporate Video Production in London

Affordable and Professional Corporate Videos!

Corporate videos for an affordable price! At CineEye we make it possible!

At CineEye our aim is to create great quality corporate videos at unmatched prices for businesses and organisations in London, UK and internationally. Corporate video is a way to connect with your own staff, customers or other target audiences by way of telling captivating stories about your company, organisation, products or services. CineEye has 10 years of experience producing videos and we love audio-visual medium, therefore we are certain we can produce for you a great corporate video from A to Z. We help to produce corporate videos for engineering companies, companies in financial services industries, law firms and others.  

General Guide on Corporate Video Production Prices

Corporate video production costs are not simple to determine as various project will have different requirements and therefore different costs. In this section we offer a general guide on corporate video production prices.

A more specific quote can be obtained by using our video production cost calculator. You can also read our blog post about components driving video production costs.

£700 Budget:

  • Video Category: £700 budget allows to create such videos as talking head video, interview style video, testimonial video,  Frequently Asked Questions video, Questions & Answers video, a studio based music video.
  • Pre-Production: basic concept development and limited scripting.
  • Equipment: you will be supplied with cinema level camera, cinema prime lenses and Canon L-series lenses, a basic three point lighting setup as well as various accessories.
  • Crew: £500 budget allows us to involve multi-skilled workers such as producer/director/cameraman in one person and a video editor/colour grader/sound editor in one person.
  • Time Spent Shooting: with this budget half a day (4 hours) is the maximum time we can spend on your project.
  • Locations: only one or two locations are possible to cover with this budget.
  • Motion Graphics and Animation: title animation only.
  • Actors/Extras/Other Talent: all on-camera individuals should be provided by customer. There is no casting of actors/presenters included in this package. 
  • Set/Props/Wardrobe/Makeup: all set pieces, props as well as wardrobe and makeup has to be provided by customer if working with a £500 budget.
  • Music: we will use only royalty free stock music or music that is in public domain or music that is licensed under applicable creative commons licence.

£1000 Budget:

  • Video Category: a £1000 budget will allow you to produce a product or service demo video, a simple tutorial or training or educational video, explainer video which is created using live footage.
  • Pre-Production: with this budget we will undertake concept development together with your representatives, script writing (if necessary) as well as create storyboards (if necessary).
  • Equipment: you will be supplied with high level cinema camera, several cine prime lenses and Canon L-series lenses, lighting setup according to professional standards, grip equipment such as sliders, dollies (if necessary), and other accessories.
  • Crew: a £1000 allows you to work mainly with multi-skilled persons such as cinematographer/director/producer 3-in-1 individual or sound recordist/video editor/colourist 3-in-1 multimedia person. 
  • Time Spent Shooting:  a full day which is 8 hours of shooting.
  • Locations: maximum 1 or 2 locations.
  • Motion Graphics and Animation: some animated 2d graphics (motion graphics) will be developed.
  • Actors/Extras/Other Talent: up to 2 actors can be cast, e.g. one voice over actor and one presenter.
  • Set/Props/Wardrobe/Makeup: all set items, props and outfits shall be provided by client. CineEye will provide makeup artist and hair stylist (if necessary).
  • Music: stock music (royalty free music), audio tracks that are in public domain or musical pieces licensed under relevant creative commons licence will be used.

£1500++ Budget:

There are many factors such as working with well known actors, using very popular songs as soundtracks etc can make the video production much more expensive, therefore please follow the below statements as guidance only.

  • Video Category: with budgets larger than £1500 we can create for you corporate profile video, corporate documentaries, TV and online commercials and adverts, brand films and sophisticated animation based internal communication videos.
  • Pre-Production: all stages of pre-production will be carried out including but not limited to concept development, planning, script writing, storyboards creation, location scouting, casting etc.
  • Equipment: several cameras will be used all of which will be cinema level, many different lenses will be used (for those creative shots) such as cine prime lenses and Canon L-series zoom lenses. We will also always provide professional lighting setup in each location and use a variety of grip equipment including but not limited to sliders, jib arms, steadicams, cranes etc.
  • Crew: several camera persons will be working on your project, as well as a lighting supervisor, sound technician, grip crew and other crew members according to specific requirements of your project.
  • Time Spent Shooting: with larger budgets such as £1500 and more we will be shooting as many days as your project requires. NB: time spend shooting will increase the overall cost of the project. 
  • Locations: locations can be set as many as required by your project. NB: the more locations you shoot in the more time you will need to spend. You will also incur travel and accommodation costs. 
  • Motion Graphics and Animation: various kinds of 2d animated typography (motion graphics), as well as 3D animation and other visual effects can be used as per requirements of the specific project.
  • Actors/Extras/Other Talent: CineEye will undertake all casting process including but not limited to professional actors, presenters, extras, dancers and other artistes.
  • Set/Props/Wardrobe/Makeup: with budgets of £1500 and more CineEye will undertake complete production design process including delivering sets, props as well as contracting makeup artists and hair stylists.  
  • Music: we will purchase specific licences for specific music tracks. We also can contract composers to create custom composed soundtracks. On certain occasions we might use royalty free stock music or music that is in public domain, or music that is licenced under CC licence. 

How It Works – Corporate Video Production

Contact Us

Contact CineEye and tell us your vision regarding the video production project you have in mind.

Meeting and Brief

To truly make sure your project is successful, CineEye will ask you for a meeting, either in our own office or online. For simple projects, director and client will take part in the meeting but if your vision is beyond the basics, scriptwriter and editor will also accompany the director during the meeting.

During the meeting we will have a chance to ask you some questions about your video production project, your company, your competitors, taget audience and desired video impact as well as other questions so that we can create a good brief together.

Preliminary Work Order

Meeting and negotiations will lead towards the first work order draft, comprising information on pre-production, production and post production requirements and other notes about the video production process.

Final Work Order, Agreement and Invoice

When the client accepts the work order or sends in their own, CineEye will prepare all necessary formalities which include work order, invoice and agreement.  

Permission and Deposit

After receiving a permission to go ahead, CineEye will kindly ask you to carry out the deposit payment as the practical work cannot start before receiving it.


This is the time when CineEye will start the pre-production part which includes all planning and organisational work, deciding on the locations, casting the actors etc.


After all preparations are carried out, we will organise the actual shooting or the video in the location/-s that were agreed upon.

Post Production

This is the part which is mainly done by computer. The video editing, colour correction, creation of animated 2d typography (motion graphics) as well as other post production tasks are done at this stage.


When all post production is finished, CineEye will send you the master video (first draft). If you require any changes and corrections, all requests will be welcomed and accomplished at this stage. Lastly we will kindly ask the client to carry out the final payment and to collect the video either by post or via file sharing platform.



Advanced technology has made video production more affordable than ever. We offer rates starting from £500 for video projects on the simple side. As an approximation we can say that in the current market other companies will charge you around £1800 for the most straightforward video (such video that can be shot within half a day or a full day by one cameraman).

For those of you who want to add some extra elements in your videos and/or require more complex corporate video production such as educational videos, product or service promo videos etc. we offer video production with budgets from £1000.

You need to set your budget expectations at £1500 and more for professional projects for instance case study videos, company profile videos, corporate documentaries and TV Ads. Please note that any video project’s cost can increase in almost unlimited fashion depending on such factors as casting well-known actors, shooting in many various locations, creating complex 3d animation etc.

Best way to understand the cost of a video you have in mind is to visit our cost calculator.

You can also read our article on the main components driving video production cost.


Yes, with the editing price of £45/h you can have a 10 and 20 second version.


You will be provided with 1 master video copy in DVD supplied by CIneEye or any other media storage device you prefer (supplied by yourself). If you want to have more of these master video copies, we charge £15 per DVD.


In CineEye, your data will be kept for 3 weeks after delivering the final master video copy.


Yes, it is possible but you will have to do it at extra cost of £45/h for editing. Charges will depend on your requirements and desired changes. If you want extra shooting for that video, you will be charged accordingly.


Certainly, our editors, scriptwriters and director are there to provide you with these services and are responsible for helping you in achieving your vision.


Generally, 2 weeks to 3 months can be spent on video production. But time spent producing your video can be shorter or longer  depending on your project.


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