We have stressed in this blog many times that embracing video marketing is becoming more and more crucial for all entrepreneurs, companies and organisations. In this post we will focus mainly on video marketing for law firms and solicitors.

The importance of video marketing for law firms is evident from several factors. Firstly, internet is becoming more available for general public. Furthermore, the speed of broadband is also increasing, therefore video streaming is no longer as complicated as before. According to a study by Cisco more than 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video streaming by 2019.

There can be absolutely no doubt that very soon online video will be the primary means of consuming information. Therefore if you are a businessman or a businesswoman – ignore this to your own peril.

All companies and organisations should refocus their marketing strategies towards video. And law firms are one of those businesses that can benefit from video content marketing the most.

Video Marketing For Law Firms

There are several aspects businesses in general and law firms in particular should focus on when working on video marketing strategy overall and video production in particular. Here are some of those.


Like any large project video marketing strategy and video production process cannot be implemented effectively without proper planning. Before approaching any video production company you should first create at least a basic plan. Ask yourself such questions as:

What is your target audience?

Think about the key message of the videos…

What are the main reasons you decided to commission a video production?

In which platforms (website, social media etc) will your videos be seen?

Think about videos that you like and which are similar to what you need…perhaps your competitors have produced something inspiring…

What is your budget?

Do you require idea and concept development?

Will you need screenplay writing services?

What type of narration you prefer – text titles, voice over, character voice?

Do you want a footage based video or animated video?

Will any actors/extras/other talent be required in your video?

Do you require costumes, special sets and props?

The more time you will spend planning your video marketing for law firms strategy, the less time and money you will spend when the time comes to actually produce the videos. It is worth to note that budget of video production can be reduced considerably if you know in advance more about which components drive video production costs. Here are some of the aspects you should think about before commissioning any video production. 


Professional looking video is not easy to make. Consider your video production project an investment. Video will serve your company for many years to come, therefore it is best (whenever possible) to invest into hiring a professional video production company.

Law Firm Corporate Profile Video

As a law firm you can harness the power of video to tell the story of your company. The traditions, the professionalism, the people behind the success of your law practice. A company profile video can be a great introduction to your business both for your prospective customers as well as for other parties – journalists, PR professionals etc. Instead of writing a long and tedious “About Us” page copy, tell your story via compelling corporate video.

Feature Individual Lawyers

Practicing law depends not only on knowledge and experience, but also on the personal charisma of individual lawyers. Let your prospective customers get a deeper insight into the team that works in your law firm by creating a series of “talking head” or interview videos featuring individual lawyers who practice in your law firm.

Educate Your Customers

People looking for a law firm are looking for a solution to a very specific problem. Putting out a series of educational videos regarding specific cases and how your law firm can help will attract customers who are actively researching this specific topic. Your educational videos will bring them to your website or your YouTube channel. And from there it is only one step to go to convert them into customers.

Use All Video Platforms

Video can be hosted on your website, Youtube or other video platforms. You could also use video content for guest blogging in order to create backlinks and get higher rankings in search results.

Whatever your choice – do not limit yourself and distribute your valuable content across a variety of platforms.

If you are an owner or managing partner at a law firm, do not hesitate to invest in video production – a good video marketing strategy will bring great return on investment for many years to come.