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How Much Does A Music Video Production Cost?

Music video production costs depend on many factors, therefore the cost will also vary. In this article we would like to explain general notions regarding what constitutes a music video production budget. If you are looking for a more precise information, you can try to use our music video production cost calculator.

Music Video for £700:

  • What You Can Expect To Achieve: this will most probably be a studio based video. We can capture you and/or your band performing the musical piece in our studio.
  • Planning: One session spent planning the concept of the video together with our client.
  • Technology: we always try to use cinema level camera, but with £500 budget sometimes we will use DSLR video camera. We will shoot with up to 7 lenses, various grip equipment (stabilizers), basic studio lighting setup and accessories.
  • People: your music video will most probably be created by 1-2 people who will work in various roles in the same time, e.g. director/cinematographer and video editor/colourist .
  • Time Spent Shooting: we will spend maximum up to 4 hours for this video.
  • Locations: only one location will be covered, most probably our studio.
  • Visual Effects: we will provide simple titles if necessary.
  • Acting: either it will be only yourselves acting in the video, or you will have to arrange the on-camera talent yourself.
  • Art Department: set, props, clothing, make-up and hairstyle will be your own responsibility.

Music Video for £1000:

  • What You Can Expect To Achieve: this will already be more sophisticated video which can be shot both in studio or other interior as well as outside. A simple storyline can be captured.
  • Planning: One-two sessions discussing the concept/storyline, as well as some basic scriptwriting will be carried out.
  • Technology: your video will be captured on cinema level camera in 4k resolution (if necessary). We will be using several cinema prime lenses as well as Canon L series zoom lenses. Some stabilisation systems can be used if necessary (sliders, jib etc).
  • People: a small team of 2-3 people will work on your video including but not limited to director/cinematographer, video editor/colourist and project manager.
  • Time Spent Shooting: with £1000 budget you can expect for us to work up to 10 hours for your music video.
  • Locations: we will be ready to shoot in 1-3 locations which are all close by each other and can be covered in time frame of 10 hours.
  • Visual Effects: some titles will be created for you. In some cases other visual effects can be considered.
  • Acting: if necessary we will arrange 1 actor. Other on-camera talent will have to be arranged by the client.
  • Art Department: we will provide make-up and hair stylist if necessary. The client will have to arrange any set pieces, props, and clothing.

Music Video for £1500:

This budget description is very preliminary because such factors as casting very popular actors or shooting in many international locations etc really can make huge difference to the overall budget.

  • What You Can Expect To Achieve: if you can afford to spend more than £1500 on your music video, you can expect a fully professional video production process with some limitations for projects closer to £1500 mark, and not many limitations for projects with larger budgets. Obviously such factors as international locations, amount of special effects, celebrity actors etc impact the overall costs.
  • Planning: we will undergo full pre-production cycle including but not limited to concept development, script writing and storyboards creation.
  • Technology: any camera you need can be used ( price will vary) , starting from Blackmagic URSA mini to Red and Arri if necessary. A selection of lenses will be used. If any specialty lenses required, those can be arranged as well. Variety of grip (stabilisation) equipment can be used – sliders, jib arms, cranes, drones etc.
  • People: full video production team will be working on your video. The amount of people will depend on budget but can include producer, director, cinematographer, light technicians, grip technicians, editors, colourists, special effects professionals and others.
  • Time Spent Shooting: time spent will depend on the concept and can be from 1 to multiple days (price will vary).
  • Locations: we will shoot in as many locations as necessary. The more locations and the more far from our base, the higher will be the overall cost.
  • Visual Effects: practically any visual effects can be developed, including but not limited to motion graphics, 3d animation, body effects etc.
  • Acting: full casting of actors, extras, dancers and other talent will be undertaken. The more on-camera talent, the higher budget will be required.
  • Art Department: all set design, props, wardrobe, make-up and hair stylist arrangements will be undertaken by us. The budget will vary depending on how sophisticated your requirements will be.

PROCESS – Music Video Production

Get in Touch With Us

First step is fairly obvious – after checking out our portfolio, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. We are always keen to discuss your ideas and give suggestions, as well as prepare “no obligation” quotes.

First Meet-Ups and Development of Brief

If you are happy with our portfolio as well as the quote provided, we then can have a more in-depth meeting to discuss your project. In most cases you will meet with the director of your music video. For larger music video productions we can arrange a meeting with other parties involved, e.g. project manager, video editor etc. This is the time where we try to understand your vision, style preferences and other requirements. It is a two way process where both parties try to understand each other’s needs, requirements and capabilities.

Work Order Draft

After the first briefing process is done, we will basically write it all down. In our company we call it the “work order” which is equivalent to “statement of work”. We understand that some customers have a very clear idea of what they want themselves, therefore we are open for you to send your draft work order to us rather then us preparing one for you. This paperwork is crucial, and both parties have to work on it closely, so that both customer and service provider have a clear idea about the ideas, concepts, processes, budgets etc involved in specific music video production project.

Final Paperwork

When both we and the customer are happy with the work order, we will finalise the papers. This will usually be one document comprising of invoice/work order and agreement. This is time for last paperwork revisions and last comments.

Downpayment and Beginning of Production

If we are in the clear with the final paperwork, we will ask the customer to make first downpayment (usually it will be 50% of total amount, but payment terms can vary from project to project).

Planning and Organising

This is the time when the production process really kicks off. Planning, scripting, storyboarding (if any is included), as well as other preliminary tasks will be carried out at this stage.

Filming the Footage and/or Creating Animation

Only now that the prep work is done, can we actually start to shoot the music video or create the animation (if the video is animation or motion graphics based). The amount of time we spend for this stage will vary from project to project.

Video Editing, Colour Correction, Visual Effects etc

This stage (usually called post-production) is the time when we sit down by the computer and work on the footage – editing the video, working on the colour of the video, editing the sound etc.  This is possibly the longest and most time consuming part of music video production, but also the time where all parts are made to “klick” and create that special outcome. In case of animation based music videos the previous phase and this phase are rolled into one.

Final Output Video

Now that all post-production is carried out, we will ask the customer to come to our studio and review the music video together with us. In most cases we will be able to come to an agreement that the music video looks good and is ready for exporting. In some cases we might need to do some revisions. When all revisions are done, we will ask you to make the final payment. After that is cleared, we will deliver the master video to you in all formats required (and stipulated in work order).



The average cost of a simple music video production with minimal expenses, shot duration of half a day or one day by one cameraman and that can be edited during one day will cost on average about £1800 in current market. In CineEye, we produce these types of simple music video production projects with budgets starting from £500.

More complex music video production starts from £1000. For fully customised packages we will require a budget not less than £1500. However, kindly note that prices can reach even larger sums where your requirements will include casting renown actors or creating highly complex 3D animation or using aerial drones etc. Time lapse effect in music videos will also cost more. Once again, for exact quotes you can please fill in our “Free Quote” form.


Yes, a 10 and 20 second version is available (at an editing price which is £45/h).


You can have 1 master DVD in a data mode and 1 copy in HDD. There is provision for more copies on requests and the charge is £15 per DVD. For any other video formats – please enquire.


We do keep data for 3 weeks after completion of the project.


Yes, you can request corrections, but it will involve extra costs; we charge £45/h for music video editing. If you require more shooting as part of the correction request, then the costs will depend on your specific requirements.


Certainly, we offer unique ideas, concepts and script development. We would be happy to bring in our expertise to your music video production project. More importantly for the music artist, we will always aim to produce a music video that has synergy with the lyrics.


Duration depends on the specific music video production project, but we will aim to finish your  music video production in 2 weeks to 3 months.  

CineEye – One of The Most Accessible Music Video Production Companies London

At CineEye we create music videos for musicians in all stages of their careers. We are here for those who need a relatively simple studio performance video as well as for those who need more complex narrative based music videos telling a story. We are here for those musicians who need a behind-the-sceens video as well as for those who are looking for a full live performance video. Whatever is your necessity – we can work with you from beginning until the final master delivery! Trust CineEye – one of the most accessible music video production companies London!


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