Green Screen Production

As we wrote before our latest TV ad production used a green screen production process (also called chroma key). During the shoot the main challenge was to make sure the actress feels confident and delivers great performance even though she had to “act blind” so to speak.

Great Lighting, Great Focus

But there were many other rather technical aspects that had to be under control. Green screen TV ad production cannot be done without a great attention to detail during the shoot. Special focus has to be on setting up a perfect lighting and making sure the focus is consistently sharp. If any of these aspects are missed, your green screen post production can become a nightmare.

Post Production

This time the post production is going fairly smoothly in large part due to the careful lighting and filming. Furthermore our 4.6k camera delivered footage containing a lot more information and detail than other lower level cameras we could have used. As a result we got much better and quicker results during keying (the process when the green portions of the video are replaced by the alternate background video).

Digital Set

Our animator created a delightful digital set in red and green colours as the branding of our customer IFIC bank is mainly red and green. This choice of colours is somewhat problematic especially for a green screen production, but as this was our client’s requirement we went ahead and we hope our customer will be happy with the result.  

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