A day when a new team member joins CineEye is always a celebration here.

Today we are welcoming our new friend Canon 5DS DSLR camera. The camera which at the moment ( in February 2017) has the highest resolution 35mm full frame CMOS sensor in the world – 50.6 megapixels.

This is a camera which is widely regarded as a “go to” solution for studio portraiture and fashion photography. But it is versatile enough to be used in landscape photography and many other areas of photography.

This extreme resolution not only let’s us capture photographs of great detail and sharpness, but also allows us more flexibility in case an image has to be extensively cropped during post processing. This is because the resolution is extremely good. That means that even after very extensive cropping we can still get images with high resolution. It must be said that we (similarly to most professional photographers) will always try to “crop images in camera”, i.e. compose a great frame during the shoot and not during the post processing.

In addition we are very pleased to see that the new 5DS is compatible with majority of lenses we already own. It is also compatible with most other accessories we use for Canon 5D Mark III. This is important as in photography industry the prices of lenses and accessories can be excruciating.

Another feature worth mentioning is the amazing 61-point wide area for auto focusing.

It must be said that Canon 5DS is probably not the best camera for those who like to double check their photos on the LCD screen. The photo preview loads much slower than for example Canon 5D Mark III. This camera is also (in our opinion) not the best for event coverage as the files are very large. Events photography usually results in more photos. Also less extensive editing is usually performed in this case. As said before the 5DS files are very large and demand better storage and processing capacity. Therefore it is ideal for intricate studio work where each photo is a work of art.