Online video has become both an effective and creative medium to generate content and communicate with the world. With almost 5 billion videos being viewed on YouTube alone, video communication is a highly successful medium in engaging with people for many purposes such as entertainment, education etc. Among some of which is video marketing. 

Video marketing is one of the leading forms of brand promotion as it allows brands to not only creatively engage with their audiences but also to educate and captivate them. This method of marketing has become a truly powerful one, with many people choosing it as a preferred form of advertisement and a convenient method of receiving information. It is vital that modern brands and creators capitalise on this as it is essential in relaying brand information to current and potential consumers more comfortably.

Within the video marketing landscape there are several trending video types that are gaining major traction. This blog post will share a few of the current trends that are proving to be popular forms of video advertisement.

Video Marketing with Personalised Video

Advertisements that possess a personal feel are great for attracting consumers and retaining their interest. Consumers want the security in that their favourite brand cares about their wants and reflects this in their services and products. Personalised video marketing creates a greater level of interaction between brands and their consumers. When utilising data of consumer feedback, brands can benefit by tailoring their videos to the experience of the consumer. These videos can include dynamic information to target the chosen demographic such as birthdays, names and other personal data. Whether that be a visual of an everyday consumer shopping in-store or including certain key consumer groups in the video. With businesses seeking to de-corporatise themselves in light of growing public aversion towards large corporations, personalised videos portray an image of approachability and care. Brand integrity can be strengthened by using personal videos.

This form of video marketing is a useful way to diversify a brand. The average consumer is constantly inundated with pop-up ads and stills with no personalisation. It makes all the difference seeing a famous celebrity or athlete talk directly to the consumer through a video. These are practices that build relationships and unlock a deeper respect for the brand.

For example, a personalised Christmas video card such as this one can be one expression of this growing trend:

Live Video Marketing

Live video streaming is an ever-growing platform in the current day. Personalised content is a useful way to engage with audiences, but there is a special authenticity that can only be created when people are able to interact with brands and creators in real time. Live streaming platforms are able to replicate in-person interaction and produce an intimate method of communication online. Platforms such as Twitch TV promote and thrive from live video streaming by content creators. Many brands understand that the tendency towards idolisation of influencers and celebrities can garner the attention of many consumers. By partnering with famous figures and using live video streaming, brands can better market themselves to be more current.

Animated Videos

Animation is a medium that allows for endless possibilities for vision, feel and impact. Animated videos can be highly engaging with younger audiences by strongly appealing to their imagination. People also have a more relaxed and open response to animation as opposed to live video. Due to its major appeal to younger audiences, animated video marketing can be entertaining as well as more digestible.

The educational benefits that animated media creates is also rewarding for adults. Many brands have placed greater focus on using animation in the making informational videos due to ease of access and reception. Animated explainer videos can be especially useful for businesses with more complex products or services where visualisation of concepts can help potential customers to understand the company’s offering. 

For marketing, the more diverse audiences you can reach the greater your consumer pool becomes. Animation has stood the test of time as a medium of communication that resonates with both the youth, the adults and the elderly. 

This method of marketing became especially more prevalent during the 2020 as a result of the pandemic.  Social distancing and restrictions made gathering in person an impossibility for many. Utilising animation became a necessary tool for brand advertisement. Many were still able to reach their audiences despite the inability to record footage in-person. Moreover, animation is easy to produce remotely, making it a low risk method of advertisement given the current climate with regards to the virus.

Below is an example of how animated video can be used in video marketing:

Video Marketing with Shoppable Videos

Direct and immediate sales is the goal every brand desires to achieve. Many believe that the use of shoppable videos as a form of video marketing can drive home this result. The promise of a product or service providing ease to life is a strong incentive for many consumers to invest in a brand. People are more likely to purchase goods and services they feel are essential to their everyday life. Shoppable videos can help achieve this. Engagement rates of shoppable videos have exceeded those of display advertising (especially clickthrough rates and conversions)(Internet Retailing, 2020). Introducing the choice of instant purchasing via interactive videos, people now can purchase goods without journeying to shops.

This innovation can greatly boost the revenues for eCommerce. The current worldwide restrictions as a result of COVID-19 in tandem with the convenience of eCommerce makes shoppable videos a very promising form of video marketing. No longer do people have to sift through countless ads to purchase products. This medium definitely allows for a greater conversion rate.

Below is an example of a shoppable video:

In Conclusion

Video marketing is an essential form of advertisement for brands wishing to grow in the age of the internet. The likes of live, personalised and shoppable videos have created a more efficient form of engagement with consumers. Through innovations in technology no longer are people restricted to only in-store shopping. Now, eCommerce brands can achieve more conversions via creative video advertisements and the choice of instant purchases. It is strongly advised that eCommerce brands as well as other types of businesses invest in these video marketing trends going into 2022.