Pricing – £700 To £1600
Pricing – £700 To £1500
Pricing – £600 To £2200
Pricing – £300 To £6000
Pricing – £600 To £1000
Pricing – £700 To £1500

Explainer video production London costs can be easily estimated using our cost calculator. If you wish to see more examples of our videos please visit our Vimeo channel.

Explainer Video Production in London

Affordable Footage Based and Animated Explainer Videos!

At CineEye We Make It Possible!

An explainer video is a short promo video which explains a product or a service in a clear and memorable way. These videos most commonly are animation based but can also be created using mainly footage. Here at CineEye we create both kinds of explainer videos and we do it for very affordable rates. Contact us today to talk about your explainer video idea.


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