Every customer you ever had comes to your company via a certain journey. In most cases the journey is fairly similar.

At first customers become aware of your brand. They see your ad on TV, they find an answer to their question on your blog or they see a viral video on Youtube featuring your brand.

When potential customer faces a certain problem that can be solved by your or similar product or service they start to research their options. After the research is done they make the final decision and they purchase your product.

This customer journey is sometimes called the purchasing funnel. (Read more about purchasing funnel here.)

Video content can help energise and speed up the movement of your potential customer from brand awareness towards actual purchase.

This post will give you some examples of how video can be used throughout the customer journey and how it can keep them moving even faster towards the purchase of your product or service.


During this phase the customer is made aware of several brands including yours. The customer considers this initial set of brands based on brand perceptions and recent exposure.

Brand films.

Brand films are designed to raise awareness of your brand overall. They capture the audience by creating a certain “feel” about your brand that customers can connect with.

Youtube video ads and TV commercials.

These videos are part of a more traditional outbound marketing and can be tailored to raise awareness.

Educational videos, tutorial videos, “How To” videos.

These videos fall into more modern marketing category – the content marketing. By providing solutions to problems your customers are facing you will seamlessly expose them to your brand. You will also build trust and reputation as an authority figure in certain field.


During this stage your potential customers are actively looking for a solution for their problem and are expressing an interest in your product as the potential solution. 

Product demonstration videos.

If you provide physical product nothing is better to convince a customer to buy a product as a product demo video.

Case study videos and testimonial videos.

Recommendations and reviews are very influential part of marketing. Let other people tell why your product is good and how it has helped them.

Corporate profile videos and company culture videos.

People prefer to work with and buy from people they like. You can influence your customers during their research phase by exposing them to your corporate profile and company culture videos. Your video will communicate a positive image of your brand, and this will definitely boost conversions and sales.


During this last phase customers are taking final steps towards purchasing the chosen product, e.g. they are filling in a quote form. Here you can use video to answer the final concerns of your customers. 

FAQ videos.

When you are buying a product in a real, physical store it is often just before the final purchase that you ask your final and most specific questions. Let video be your sales person and let it explain all the details as in real life.

“How To” videos.

Prove that you will provide excellent customer care after the sales by creating instructional “How To” videos. It will create even more trust in your business and push the customer to purchase.


In this stage the customer (hopefully) is satisfied with the purchase and has become a loyal customer.She/he is providing referrals and recommendations to other potential customers.

Thank you video.

These videos will once again show that it is the customer that is most important for your business and not just the sales. Turn your customers into your fans!


Video is a very powerful medium that can really influence your customer at every step he/she takes during the journey from initial awareness to final purchase. Embrace video now and stay ahead of your competitors!

Here at CineEye we produce and film videos for all stages of customer journey. Get in touch and tell us about your product or service.