Currently, most people are increasingly opting for video over text as a way of receiving information. According to statistics, 70 per cent of all consumer internet traffic in 2015 was video traffic and it is expected to hit 82 per cent by 2020.

Additionally, more than a billion unique users visit YouTube every month. This figure accounts for over a third of all internet users. Due to the high number of visitors, YouTube is the second most popular website on the web. In addition, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the U.S. These statistics are more than enough to prove how appealing video communication has become.

With the continued increase in video communication, every business should ensure they enjoy the benefits of this new trend. And real estate firms are no exception either. However, before you invest in video marketing for your real estate business, ensure you have decided on the type of video to do. So, what are the types of videos for real estate business?

Types of Videos for Real Estate Marketing

There is a wide variety of videos you can include in your video marketing for real estate strategy. Here is an overview of some of the videos to do.

  • Property Virtual Tour Videos

These are extensive tour videos that showcase behind the scenes shots of your latest property. These videos are aimed at attracting new leads. Property tour videos can be 360 degrees videos or more traditional real estate tour videos, they also can include drone footage of the property. 

  • Real Estate “Questions and Answers” Videos

You can ask your social media followers to ask you questions and in return you answer them through a quick video. These videos can be shot ahead of time using video production company’s services. If on a budget, you can shoot them live using tools like Facebook live or Snapchat.

  • Community Overview Videos

These are video tours of the cities, towns and neighbourhoods where you sell your property.  Capture all attractions, landmarks and vibe around your property! Let your customers know how great is it to live in this particular neighbourhood.

  • Customer Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are vital for any business and video testimonials are much more reliable than text based testimonials. These short videos will highlight the experience of happy customers after buying a property from you. Prospective customers will get an insight into how reliable is your company and how it is to work with.

  • Educational Videos

You can produce several videos with the aim to educate your audience about different industry trends. Educate you customers about first-time home buyer loans, state of the art home technology, sustainable energy options etc .

  • Niche Videos

Niche videos are targeted for specific audience. Create special videos for people wishing to downsize their lifestyle, first time home buyers or people with special needs.

  • Real Estate Agent  Video

Real estate agent video is basically a company profile video, but made specifically for real estate business. This video can be great addition to your website, where you can embed the video in your “About Us” page, or even on home page. These videos can also be used in social media as a welcome and intro video about your business. Such real estate agent video can also be showed to potential employees, so that they can introduce themselves to your company before coming to job interview. 

  • Final Notes

The type of video you create will depend on your target audience.  Therefore, it is important that you spend time thinking about the needs of your clients. This will ensure that you remain focused on making videos that are beneficial to your clients.

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