Why Use Video Marketing for Hotels?

We are in a digital era right now where 75% of all internet traffic is video traffic. This will increase to 82% by year 2022 as reported by Cisco.

This is understandable as video is a source of multi-dimensional communication that compels people to listen, to see, and to comprehend. Video is a very effective communication tool that has far more power to attract people’s attention than mere text based information which used to be main mode of information available on internet.

Therefore video is something that can determine the future of your business. As far as hotel marketing is concerned, it is also one of those business types that needs to make use of video content for showcasing the establishment’s services and hospitality. People want something that can tap into their emotions in order for them to spend money at your place. That is why hotels should create videos that compel viewers to think about your establishment and what it can offer them. Video marketing for hotels is proving to be very beneficial for a lot of owners.

If you are a hotel owner or hotel marketing manager, you should realise the importance of this trend. But is is not always easy to understand where to start in order to embrace video marketing.

Therefore we have compiled this guide giving you a couple of ideas regarding the types of videos you can produce for your hotel video marketing campaign.

Types of video You Can Produce For Your Hotel Marketing

The Surroundings and The Community

Let your travellers feel inspired! People don’t want simply to see the  rooms and the amenities. They want something above and beyond that. Include in the video the journey through the outside surroundings, the neighbourhood. Showcase the local community vibe. If the hotel has a beach front location, then provide the stunning views of the beach in the video. Celebrate the joys of life around your property because it will evoke and inspire your travellers to make the hotel a must-visit. Showcase how other present visitors, even whole families, are enjoying their stay at the hotel. Videos have a way of making people feel as if they’re inside of them. So, make future visitors want to experience what’s shown in your video content in real life.  

Hotel Demonstration Videos / Hotel Promo Videos

In order to showcase the services, amenities and sweeping panoramic views of your hotel, make demonstration videos so that travellers can see it all. Exquisite promo video will compel them to visit your hotel!

Hotel Video Reviews/Customer Testimonials

Provide options of submitting video feedback or reviews from your previous customers so that future visitors can get a better idea about the hotel. Remember, video reviews are considered to be the most authentic proofs for the repute of your establishment.

Be Honest

Keep your video factual and stay away from fake promises. Deceiving motives can lead towards complete failure and a very bad reputation. Inspire your guests and travellers with the things that you actually have. Having fewer amenities isn’t a problem. However, boasting about them in the wrong manner is something you should avoid.

Last update on 15 June 2019