Video is increasingly becoming one of the main marketing tools for most businesses out there. The internet is becoming more and more fast, the video streaming is no longer as problematic as it used to be. Video in company’s website is a very effective tool to inform visitors about your business. It can give a powerful first impression about your business. It can also boost your ranking in search engine results since search engines reward websites containing videos with a higher ranking.

All businesses should try to benefit from this shift from text to video as the most popular communication tool. And law firms are no exception. 

We would like to introduce a couple of tips on video marketing for lawyers.

1.Create a plan.

The more time you will spend creating a solid video marketing plan as well as scripts for your videos, the less money and time you will spend during the actual video production process.

First think about your target audience – what kind of needs they have? What kind of information are they looking for? What kind of problems they have and can you solve them? Thinking about your target audience and it’s needs is very important when deciding on what types of videos you wish to produce.

If you are on a budget, you can read more here about the main components driving video production costs and how you can reduce those. Video marketing for lawyers does not have to be costly.

2. Strive for Quality.

Your website videos will serve as 24/7 sales pitch to all website visitors. You don’t want your most effective salesman to look unprofessional! Video marketing for lawyers can be a very effective tool, but if not enough money and time is invested, it can have a negative effect. Video production is a complicated process. It is much harder to make a professional looking video than most people think. Therefore whenever possible try to hire a professional video production company. There are many video production companies out there which have very transparent and affordable pricing system. All you have to do – ask around and research.

3. Make It Personal.

A good video marketing strategy will include both company profile video as well as videos featuring individual lawyers, solicitors or other employees. These videos can be fairly simple, for example “talking head” style videos, but they will be a valuable source of information to your clients. By way of these videos your prospective clients will easily understand the background, expertise and approach of individuals working for your law firm. These videos will also very effectively highlight the persuasive powers and charisma each of your employee has.

4. Answer Questions.

Your customers come to your law firm with very specific problems and questions. Why not answer these questions in short and concise FAQ videos? These videos can help establish your reputation as an expert in certain field. They can also be very effective SEO tool.

5. Distribute Your Videos Across Platforms.

In order to get maximum return on your investment, don’t limit yourself to hosting videos on your website only. Youtube is second most popular website in the world, so you should definitely think about posting at least part of your videos in Youtube. And as with any marketing content – don’t forget to share it on your social media channels as well!

5. Conclusion.

Video is becoming increasingly important marketing tool for all businesses. Law firms are not an exception. If you plan and execute your video marketing for lawyers strategy wisely, you will definitely see results very soon.

Here at CineEye we can help you create great law firm corporate profile videos, individual lawyer profile videos, client testimonials and other types of videos at a fraction of cost that other London based video production companies would require.

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