As you probably already know video is becoming more and more important means of communication. Youtube has become the second largest search engine in the world.

As a business, you can benefit from this public preference of video over text.

Today we would like to write about 3 types of corporate videos that can be most useful for you.

1.Company Profile Video.

It is very hard to write an engaging company profile or to create an interesting About Us page in a website. A company profile video is a multi-layered communication tool that is proven to grab and retain the attention of your customers and business associates much more effectively than a written text. Include it in your About Us page, use it on your Facebook and LinkedIn page and send it via your email marketing campaign!

2. Recruitment Video / Company Culture Video.

Using a recruitment video that tells a story about your company culture can considerably reduce the time and money you spend recruiting new employees. You will easily reach larger amount of target audience since video content tends to be shared on social media much more often. You will also be able to describe what it’s actually like to work for your company much more effectively than with a text ad only. In this way you will also create realistic expectations of potential employees as well as create a sense of connection with your brand and company culture.

3. Customer Testimonial Video.

Social proof is paramount in modern times of social media and online reviews. Bring social proof of your product or service to next level using customer testimonial videos. These can be the best investment in video you will ever make as they will require relatively smaller budget, but will bring great return on investment!

We hope this small article will help you decide which corporate video to start with. If you are still unsure, but would like to talk about your project, contact us today for a free consultation.