Dear readers,

We are CineEye – a London based video production and commercial photography company. And this – as you might have already noticed – is our first blog post. In this blog, we mainly hope to explain our video production and photography process to our customers. Commercial photography and especially video production can be a very complex process with many elements involved, therefore we will try our best to explain the various steps and techniques with the help of this blog. We hope that this blog will make things more clear even to those who have never before been involved with any video production or commercial photography project. We hope with time this blog will become a bit like a knowledge base for our customers and we will be able to refer them to our blog archives regarding specific questions. We also, of course, hope that this blog will bring some value to the general public especially those interested in commercial photography and video production.

We will also hopefully give you some insights into the behind the scenes of our production process, talk about video production industry, video marketing, maybe even share some filmmaking tutorials, brag about our newest equipment, tell about the success stories of our customers and how our videos helped them. You will also read all other CineEye news in this blog.

All our readers are welcome to leave their feedback in comments!

CineEye Team