CineEye produced model profile video/actress showreel video for Sara Elena Parker October 2016. For this job we also needed to do some photography work for her. As we do both video production and commercial photography here in CineEye, it was easy for us to cover both sides of this project. 

The promo video we created for Sara can be seen here: 

There are many aspects that need to be considered when doing model photo shoot. These include styling and makeup, model’s ability to pose as well as photographers technical skills, artistic vision and experience (especially regarding directing models).

First of all, let’s consider styling and makeup. Syling and makeup of model can completely change the mood and atmosphere of the photographs. Of course, stylist and makeup artist will work according to photographer’s vision, but every person on set is bringing their own personality. So we here at CineEye like to work with makeup artists and stylists that are well know to us and that we know we can trust.

Second important aspect for a successful model photo shoot is to get the right poses in the photos. It depends both on model and on photographer. Model’s duty is to be well versed in posing and photographer’s duty is not only to know which pose looks good when and how to capture it, but also to direct the model and to create safe mental space for improvisation.  We also like to use music in background of photo shoot. Different moods can be achieved by different soundtracks to your photo shoot.

Last but not least comes the photographer. Who is also a director of the shoot. Here is important to firstly be technically savvy and experienced. But also confident about the vision which needs to be achieved with each particular photo session.

In this case we needed to get a variety of different photos where Sara would look like she has had several different photo shoots with several different photographers. This is because we needed those photos for a promotional video or a model promo video where we would show off the model’s previous experience. 

For this purpose we tried to create a variety of looks for Sara. Classic. artistic, sexy and others. 

Choose CineEye for your model photo portfolio shoot as well as for your model or actress showreels. We can create those from scratch or work with existing materials. Contact us today and let us know about your video production or photography project!