Updated on Oct 2017: The website we created for Sara Elena Parker has now been disabled by our Client. If you are interested to see more of our web design work please check out Web.CineEye – our web design and development branch. Please also check out our sister company Getshop Today who provide e-commerce website design.

Bespoke Web Design Services

CineEye not only provides video production and photography, but also web design services. Mainly we offer web design as a bespoke service. It is a service that we most often offer to our existing clients. That is – those who in addition to video production and photography service require web design as well. But we do also design websites for other clients who require web design service only. 

In this blog post we wanted to showcase a website we created for a recent customer – model and actress Sara. (Updated on Oct 2017: The website we created for Sara Elena Parker has now been disabled by our Client.)

Our Clients Often Need Full Package Solutions

We started our cooperation when Sara approached CineEye to produce for her an actress showreel from scratch :

During the process we also did a couple of photo shoots for her in our studio and outdoors. After the video production and photography assignments were done,  Sara asked if we knew anyone who could create an actress/model portfolio website for her. And this is where we came to the point of offering her the web design service.

Website Design For Actress and Model

The website we created for Sara has a fairly simple structure. Nevertheless it still offers all necessary information that one would need if looking to cast Sara as a model or actress. We created a “Home” page, an “About me” page, a “Portfolio” page and a “ Contact” page. In addition to that we also included several dynamic features such as animated buttons, contact form, website search functionality, video gallery and photo gallery. Furthermore, we also linked Sara’s social media accounts to this website.

As Sara took a lot of other services from us we could offer her this particular web design package for a really reasonable price. But above all, we are certain we delivered a good final result for our client. In conclusion we would like to emphasise that digital and internet presence rising rapidly, it is clear that Sara’s career will benefit from having a portfolio website which includes good quality audiovisual content.

Last updated on 12 Feb 2019