While it is just eight years since Instagram was first introduced, the platform has achieved several social media records. Originally the Instagram application reached a milestone of 1 million downloads in less than three months of introduction. As a result, it became the first platform to hit that mark in that space of time. Even more, the user base grew to 25 million in less than twenty-four months and exceeded 1 billion active Instagrammers in June of 2018. Based on this, Instagram is now the next biggest social media platform, after Facebook.

Given the increase in the number of Internet users using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, it is clear that the impact of Instagram will only get stronger.  What’s even more, Instagram is basically a medium for sharing images only, and it is well know that images are really big factor in internet.

With the introduction of new and exciting features, Instagram continues to capture the hearts of its users. Instagram TV, or simply IGTV, was launched in June 2018, after Instagram Stories was earlier introduced. These two features (especially the Stories) have become prominent among users.

Instagram has always seen video content as an important part of this platform, but previously all videos were allowed only with limited length. With the addition of IGTV, it is now possible for users to create and upload lengthy videos – up to one hour long. In addition, IGTV was specially designed to increase engagement in users who use smartphones and other mobile devices. This is evidenced by the fact that the videos designed to be viewed in portrait orientation so that they can be seen full-screen. Thus, it becomes unnecessary to change the orientation of your device to view videos in full resolution.

Although IGTV is a feature embedded in Instagram, there is also a separate app for only it. Users can choose between viewing IGTV videos in Instagram or on the stand-alone IGTV app, which can be downloaded from all major app stores.

How To Use IGTV To Promote Your Business

Since IGTV was launched, it’s become easier for businesses to increase their engagement with their audience. The addition of this feature gave businesses and brands a wonderful opportunity to better market their brands. You can try the following methods to increase your audience engagement on Instagram:

  • Company Event Videos
  • How-To videos
  • Behind the Scenes Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Reality shows
  • Testimonials and Customer Feedback Videos
  • Questions and Answers videos

Company Event Videos for IGTV

You can increase your audience engagement by sharing videos about events taking place in your company. This enables your followers to have a share of the fun. Examples of such events include conferences, exhibitions, product launches, PR events, award parties, and so on. Videos of these kind of events are great for sending emotional messages to your followers, which is a good way to indulge them and strengthen the bond you have with them.

How To Videos for IGTV

Presently, tutorial or how-to videos are very popular with video content consumers online. And from all indications we can infer that this trend will not be dying out anytime soon. These types of videos create an avenue for learning in a simple and easy-to-grasp way. You can capitalize on this to make videos on how to use your products or services.

Behind the Scenes Videos for IGTV

Through these types of videos, you can show your audience how your products are made or how you provide your services. You can engage your followers by sharing videos of the production processes, facilities, and more. This will only endear you more to them. Such videos come in handy whenever you are doing something newsworthy in your company, such as opening a new production complex, launching a new product, etc.

Educational Videos for IGTV

Educational videos help your audience to get a deeper understanding of what your brand is all about. You can post these videos to educate your followers on significant matters. These videos help you to convey your ideas in a compelling way. The videos may talk about your products, your employees, or the production processes of your products.

Reality Shows or Game Shows for IGTV

Audiences find reality shows and games very appealing. These are especially captivating, because viewers are always on the lookout for the next video to be released in the series. Dividing the videos into episodes and later putting them together into a series is an effective way to increase audience engagement. You can re-edit shorter versions and use the videos as highlights to generate likes and shares from your followers. Since IGTV allows users to make long videos, this is the perfect platform for reality shows or game shows.

Questions and Answers Videos for IGTV

Another great way to capitalize on IGTV is by uploading Q&A videos. Videos on FAQs about your brand or products can help to answer common questions that your followers have asked. Beside this, you can use this type of videos to educate your followers on the operation of your newly launched products and how to use them. In essence, you can use the videos to bolster your customer service.

Testimonials and Customer Feedback Videos for IGTV

You can promote your brand by allowing your followers to hear from other followers about your business. These types of videos – testimonial videos – are quite excellent at showing your brand in a positive light to your followers. Hearing and seeing others testify on how your company has positively affected them is a powerful way of promoting your brand.

In Conclusion

With all that being said, you do need to be aware of the following prerequisites for creating an IGTV video:

  • Video length should be at least 15 seconds in length, but not longer than 10 minutes.
  • Only MP4 videos can be uploaded
  • The video should be vertical, with an aspect ratio of 9:16

The release of IGTV has created opportunities that brands can use to increase their engagement with their followers. Even more, the vertical format of videos and focus on mobile devices help to increase IGTV’s appeal, as is evidenced by the more than 2.5 million downloads of IGTV app in June 2018. While it may be too soon to say how things will go, one thing remains sure, and that is: the early bird always gets the worm. Therefore, do not forget to include IGTV in your digital marketing strategies to promote your brand.