You may have noticed that different monitors often display colours differently. Monitors by default can have different settings and also usually change the colour display over time hence they have to be calibrated regularly. It is especially true if your monitor is used in video production company or by a professional photographer as some monitors in this case are used for the sole purpose of colour correction and grading.

Why Calibrate?

There are two main reasons to calibrate your monitors. First one – to have industry standard colour display across all monitors. This will ensure a relatively true colour representation. Calibration will also help to acquire colour display that is pleasing to eyes. And secondly it is imperative for photographers to do colour calibration in order to get matching colours on display and on the printed photograph.

How To Calibrate?

Colour calibration can be done by just trusting your eyes, but it is problematic as various factors such as position of monitor, tiredness and the time of day affect the way people see colours. In professional video production company or photography studio it has to be done using special technology such as our newly acquired Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro

Final Note

It is important to note that no amount of colour calibration will ensure your video or photograph will look the same across all devices as this would require all monitors to be calibrated according to same standard. But what we can achieve is to calibrate our own monitors to international standards. This will ensure at least relative trueness of colours of videos our video production company is producing. It will also guarantee our photographers will deliver photographs that can be reliably printed with matching colours. 

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