In October 2016 CineEye was busy with promotional video production for model and actress Sara Parker. 

It is pleasure to work with this talented and driven actress and model. We are certain the end result will help Sara to obtain more work in modelling and acting fields. We especially hope this professional model/actress promo video will help her to acquire especially the high quality and well-paid modelling and acting jobs.

The concept for this promo video is to create a video profile that introduces Sara as a model and actress to her potential employers. The purpose of the video is to give a great first impression. We also aim to provide more specific information about Sara’s experience, skills and physical details. The video will hopefully be a much better source of first online impression about Sara than the materials she has used up until now.

We are undertaking Sara’s promotional video production in accordance with all usual procedures of professional video production. First we developed the concept and scrip.  Then we advised on locations to shoot in, arranged the technical team and equipment. We also provided the makeup and hairstylist as well as props and wardrobe.

During the shooting we tried to capture footage that features all skills, talents and characteristics that Sara possesses both as a model and as an actress. Sara features in the video as a commercial model, glamour model, fitness model and as an actress. We showcase her dancing as well as performing judo, karate and gymnastics moves. We also use live footage mixed with motion graphics in order to give all prospective employers information about her physical details.

For this project CineEye provided Sara not only with video production services. We also organised some custom model photography sessions in order to get some specific high quality photographs that we needed for this promotional video production.

We are sure this model/actress promotional video will be a useful tool and will help Sara to boost her career and achieve her dreams. 

Last updated on 30.04.2019