This model profile video/actress showreel video for Sara Elena Parker was produced by CineEye in October 2016.

Sara is an aspiring model and actress. She hired CineEye team to produce a video which would help to enhance her professional progress both as an actress and as a model.

This particular video had to have two functions – to showcase Sara as a model as well as an actress. Additionally it is important to stress that CineEye produced Sara’s actress showreel from scratch. This is because she could not acquire full video footage from the projects she had performed in before. We wrote several original scripts for a couple of scenes and organised full production process for those. CineEye worked closely with Sara at all times, so that we can show all of the various artistic capabilities she possesses.

Another purpose of the video is to showcase Sara as a model. Such a video is a helpful marketing tool as it can be easily added to various online profiles/portfolios. It can also easily be sent via internet to casting experts and modelling agencies as an addition to still photographs.

There are many ways we can call this sort of video – a model promotional video, a model promo video, a model video profile, a model video portfolio or a modelling showreel. The name does not really matter so much. What matters is the purpose of the video which in this case is to show the model in action. Video is a multi-sensory medium which can demonstrate any model’s skills and talents in a way that cannot be achieved by mere photos. Video material enables casting experts to see models as if in real life – how the model is posing and how she/he is delivering various expressions.

Here at CineEye not only do we create actors showreels from scratch, but we also edit already available video footage into impressive showreels. In addition to that we also produce promotional videos for models. If you are a model/actor/actress and have been considering to acquire actor showreel or model promo video featuring yourself, don’t wait any longer  – contact us today!