How To Use Video in Christmas Marketing Campaigns


Social media is entertaining especially when you have time off for the holidays. However, it is considerably much more exciting during the Christmas festive season. During this holiday, you can hope to see various high production value video ads from very popular brands – every one of them extraordinary. These popular brands have the means to truly take festive inspiration to the next level and to produce awesome aesthetic creations. Nonetheless, even if your business doesn’t have millions in your financial plan for a Christmas video campaign, it is still feasible for you to produce an excellent video that stands out enough to be noticed. We figured we would take a look at how this can be done and give you some tips.


The Christmas Video Card 


You might have seen that, every year at Christmas, you get a few cards by means of email. There might be lovely pictures included or maybe some other graphics conveying the Christmas Spirit. Be that as it may, one manner by which many brands lose out on Christmas promotions is by not utilizing video cards. At Christmas, an attractive and engaging video card to thank your clients and business partners could be the one thing that truly serves the purpose best. While it is maybe somewhat negative to consider it from a purely business point of view, a video card can fortify associations with clients and business partners. 


We’re essentially saying that a video card could help your company stand apart from the rest. Also, if you make sure you really do your best to be as inventive as possible and create imaginative video content, your video will be memorable and will definitely bring opportunities to expand on relationships you already have with your clients and business partners. 



Utilize Live Video 


There is something that truly can’t be overlooked assuming you need to ensure that you get the best out of video at Christmas, and that is live video. Live video is very exciting as you are engaging with a virtual audience in real time, and in case it is done appropriately, this can truly assist with brand acknowledgment, and promotions. 


During the winter festive season, it may very well be a good idea to host a small “Christmas get-together” on live video, welcoming every one of your clients and business partners along to enjoy a great time together. Or alternatively you could hold a Christmas occasion involving some games and prizes. There are numerous ways you can do this, so it is certainly worth thinking about these ideas together with your colleagues and conceptualizing how to execute a live video stream of your Christmas events in the best possible way.


Make the Imagery Stand Out


Most video recordings on Facebook are watched without sound. This is simply a matter of how individuals consume video recordings on this platform. So your visuals should be ideally suited for this particular purpose, audience and the way they consume the content. 


Therefore, make the visuals as capturing as possible. You ought to use imagery that attracts viewers immediately, and can keep their focus until the end of the video. Luckily, this is all possible very easily thanks to the festivity vibes and the associated imagery, because Christmas is bursting with colours and capturing visuals. It is not difficult to inspire people during this time of the year. If you can really make your Christmas video pop because of the visuals you’re utilizing, you’re onto a success. 


Sharing News Using Video


Perhaps the most ideal way of making customers and business partners happy to hear from you is sharing exciting news. Send clients a video about the new undertakings you have set up for the forthcoming year and ensure the video post or email you send expresses the seasonal festive vibe. 


Saying thanks to clients for their help in the year recently gone and afterwards informing them concerning some thrilling improvements that are coming up is an incredible way of getting your customers and business partners excited and appreciated. And if you utilise video rather than just text or images in these efforts, your endeavours will have a much greater effect. 


Behind-the-Scenes Videos


One more way of utilizing video effectively for the festive season is to shoot behind-the-scenes video. We strongly believe this is one of the most ideal ways to utilise video content at this time of year as you’re involving your audience and potential clients in what your brand does or what your team does in the run-up towards the Christmas celebrations. 


These videos are realistic, and it allows you to build emotional connections with your clients as they also prepare themselves for the winter holiday celebrations. It simply makes your brand image appear more human and you become part of your clients’ daily life while they themselves get ready for Christmas.


Utilise Hashtags 


The use of hashtags not only makes it easy to find relatable topics, but it is also a tool helping your company to get involved in conversations and reach engagement. Hashtags are not difficult to use, however at Christmas your brand image can show off its human side much more by actively involving in Christmas-related hashtags and the conversation they are part of. 


Find a hashtag that resonates with your brand, and make sure it is enjoyable, where sharing the content can reach further engagement and brand recognition. Be sure to be in touch with what is trending and use meme techniques to bring younger audiences. Then, when Christmas day is approaching, make video recordings that add to the vibe that each particular hashtag brings. This will make your business and brand part of the discussion, and furthermore this will allow you to create entertaining content. What’s more, clients will see the way you fit in with the hashtags they are keen on and how they are relevant to the post. 


Employ User-Generated-Content 


User generated content (UGC) is never going to cease being relevant. One of the ideal ways to take advantage of this is to get clients involved in a competitive game or just a fun project where they send in their own festive season videos or create festive memes. This technique provides immediate reaction from your clients and brings loads of fun for all involved. It also is a great way to connect with your clients and to make sure they are part of your company’s Christmas. It will be an unforgettable activity for all and will also be a great way to get some exciting videos out there.