Pricing – £700 To £1500

Pricing – £700 to £1500

Pricing – £700 to £1500

Pricing – £1000 To £1500

Pricing – £1000 To £1500

Pricing – £700 To £1000

Pricing – £700 To £1000
Pricing – £700 To £1000
Pricing – £700 To £1000

Pricing – £800 To £1500

Pricing – £800 To £1500

Pricing – £800 To £1500

Educational Video Production

Affordable and Professional Educational, How-To and Training Videos!

At CineEye We Make It Possible!

Any valuable information that can help you and your organisation stand out as industry experts, train users, teach valuable skills can be turned into an educational video. These videos can be for example “how to” videos showing how to use a software, tutorial video teaching a valuable skill to your potential customers, in-depth video about a certain subject. It can also be a video about the latest industry trends or something similar. Taking the most viewed posts on your blog or frequently asked questions and making videos from them is another idea for creating education video content. If you think that your followers would gain from it, then, there is a high chance that it would work as a good video.

No matter the industry, educational video content can be highly instrumental to marketing. The only requirement is a basic understanding of what is the intended purpose of a proposed video. For instance, if you want to make a video content about a certain software, then you first of all need to be an expert about this particular software. As such, educational video content is an effective way to enhance your search engine rankings and capture interest at the top of the customer journey.

General Guide on Educational Video Production Prices


Educational video production price is not something that is easily determined. Asking how much does an educational video production cost is similar to asking how much does it cost to build a house. The answer obviously is – it depends. Below you can read a basic guide on educational video production costs.

If you want to get a more precise information, please use our  video production cost calculator .

We also have a useful blog post about components driving video production costs.

If You Can Afford £700:

  • The Kind of Video You Can Get For This Budget: a talking head style “how to” video, “how to” video of software (screencast based). 
  • Planning Phase (Pre-Production): we will work together with you on conceptual development as well as provide some essential scripting.
  • Kitall our equipment in  cinema level which means you can (if required) screen the output media on cinema screens without losing quality. Cinema camera and cine prime lenses will be used, as well as some Canon L-series (professional) zoom lenses, lighting setup consisting of key light, fill light and back light will be used. 
  • Professionals Working on Your Project: in most cases one or two professionals who are proficient in several video production departments will be working on your project, e.g. person skilful at general video production and direction and cinematography and/or person skilful at video and sound editing and colour grading.
  • Hours of Shooting: this package allows for maximum of 4 hours shooting.
  • Shooting sites: with this budget we can shoot only in one location, e.g. your office or our studio etc.
  • Kinetic Typography and Animated Graphics: we will provide only title animation which requires not more than 2-3 hours of work.
  • On-camera Performers: all on-camera performers in this case should be provided by customer themselves.
  • Production Design:  all set pieces, props, wardrobe, hairstylists and makeup artists should be provided by customer.
  • Soundtrack: we will use music that is in public domain (free to use for everyone) or licensed under CC licence. Some stock music can be purchased in some cases. 

If You Can Afford £1000:

  • The Kind of Video You Can Get For This Budget: educational video based on talking head + some graphics, training video that can be shot in small studio with one on-camera person, tutorial video based on talking head+screencast of software.
  • Planning Phase (Pre-Production):  we will work together with you on the concept of video, write script if necessary and develop basic storyboards (if necessary).
  • Kitwe always use cinema level equipment which comprises cinema camera, 4 different cine prime lenses as well as professional Canon L-series zoom lenses. Professional lighting setup will be used.  Some grip (stabilising) equipment such as sliders can be used if necessary.
  • Professionals Working on Your Project: several people will be working on your project, some of them might be proficient in several areas of video production, for example a cameraman who also is a video and sound editor.
  • Hours of Shooting: we will shoot a full day (which is 8 hours) for this type of project.
  • Shooting sites:  we can shoot in one or two locations for projects like this.
  • Kinetic Typography and Animated Graphics: title animation will be created as well as some other motion graphics if necessary.
  • On-camera Performers: one or two actor/actress/presenter/voice over actor will be provided for this project.
  • Production Design: all set pieces, props and garments will be responsibility of customer. CineEye will provide makeup artist and hairstylist if necessary.
  • Soundtrack: in most cases we will use stock music. Sometimes public domain tracks or CC licensed tracks can be sufficient.

If You Can Afford £1500++:

There are many aspects that can significantly increase the overall costs of a video production. Such factors are for example casting very popular actors or shooting in many international locations.  For this reason please consider the following text as guidance only.

  • The Kind of Video You Can Get For This Budget: advanced educational video, advanced training video involving several locations and several on-camera personalities, advanced video for an online course. 
  • Planning Phase (Pre-Production):  all stages of planning and pre-production will be undertaken including concept development, script writing and storyboards design.
  • Kitwe always use cinema level equipment, but with this budget you we will work with one or more cinema level cameras, several different cine prime lenses as well as professional Canon L-series (Luxury) zoom lenses. We will also use custom made professional lighting setups. We will also use custom camera stabilisation equipment (grip) as per requirements of specific project (sliders, jib arms, steadicams, cranes etc).
  • Professionals Working on Your Project: for larger projects like this full crew will be assembled including but not limited to cameramen, sound recordists, light supervisors, grip team (working with camera stabilisation equipment) and others. 
  • Hours of Shooting: we will shoot for as long as it takes to shoot your video (depending on specific project). The cost of project will vary depending on time spent shooting.
  • Shooting sites: for larger projects like this there is no limit on the amount of shooting locations. But the cost of project will vary depending on the amount of locations chosen. Accommodation and travel fees must be kept in mind as well.
  • Kinetic Typography and Animated Graphics: we will create all types of kinetic typography, animated graphics (motion graphics), and even 3D animation as required by the specific project. Solely 3D animation based videos fall in this price range as well.
  • On-camera Performers: CineEye will provide all actors, presenters, extras, dancers and other on-camera performers. This will depend on each project individually.
  • Production Design: CineEye will provide full production design and art direction services. This includes but is not limited to sets, props, wardrobe, makeup artists and hair stylists.
  • Soundtrack: for larger projects like this we can arrange almost any music. In most cases we will buy licences for specific tracks. We can also hire a composer to write custom soundtrack. In some cases it is sufficient to use royalty-free stock music, music in public domain or music licensed under CC.

HOW IT WORKS – Educational Video Production


Call/Email/Come Over to Our Studio

Please don’t hesitate to make first contact with CineEye via email or phone or even in person.  We can then discuss your vision and ideas regarding the video project you have in mind. At this time we will give you an initial quote.

Preliminary Meetings and Briefing

When you feel we are the right company to create your video, we will arrange a meeting about the specific project. In most cases you will meet with the director of the project at hand. When more complex projects are discussed we will ensure you have meeting with director, editor and scriptwriter. This is the time when we will try to collect as much information as possible about your company, competitors, visual style preferences, target audiences etc (briefing).

Work Order Draft

After the initial briefing is completed we will send you a draft work order (brief) or you can send your draft work order (brief). The work order (brief) is usually created by both parties working together, because client informs about the ideas, preferences, budgets etc and video producer adds the technical specification how the result is to be achieved.

Final Formalities

When both parties are happy with the work order (brief), we will make ready all papers which includes final work order, agreement as well as invoice.

Authorisation to Start and Deposit

This is the time when client reviews paperwork and if satisfied gives the permission to start work. This is also the time when CineEye kindly asks to make the deposit payment which usually is 50% of the total project cost.

Groundwork (Pre-Production)

Next stage is when the real work starts. At this time CineEye will carry out all planning, organisational and groundwork tasks, as well as script development, storyboards creation, scouting the shooting locations, casting the actors and hiring any additional equipment (we use mostly our own equipment).

Shooting (Production Stage)

Only now is it time to do the actual shooting of the video. This can take 4 hours time to unlimited time depending on the size of the project at hand.

Editing, Colour and Effects (Post Production)

This is the time which is mostly spent in studio by the computer. This is also probably the most time consuming part of video production when we will undertake the video editing, colour correction and grading, sound design, motion graphics and other visual effects creation. Final output of this stage is the exported master video (first copy).


Subsequent to post production process completion we will send the client the master video (preliminary copy).

At this stage you can revise the video and ask for any changes (if those do not involve additional shooting).

We will then carry out all the required changes and deliver the final master copy.

This is also the stage when we will kindly ask to make the final payment of the total bill.

Now you can collect the master video from our studio. You can also request it to be sent via post or via any internet file sharing platform of your choice.

FAQ – Educational Video Production



How much does it cost to build a house? Or buy a car? The answer obviously is – it depends.

Other video production companies in London will charge you (in 2017) about £1800 for a pretty straightforward educational video that can be shot by one cameraman in one day.  CineEye can produce a similar kind of video with budgets starting from £500.

If you have a more complex educational video in mind such as “how to” video combining footage and some graphics then we can help you if your budget is £1000 and more.

For advanced educational videos such as work safety training videos we can work with you if you can afford £1500 budget and more.

It is important to understand that costs of educational video can increase and decrease substantially depending on what requirements you have. You will need much larger budgets if you cast famous actors, shoot in many locations or locations with high rental costs, require complex 3D animation etc.

In order to get a precise preliminary quote visit our cost calculator.

We also have a useful article about the main aspects that influence video production cost.


Yes, of course you may get shorter versions. But this is an extra service and will be charged at rate of £45/h for video editing.


There is no limit. You can get as many copies of your video as you need. We provide one copy in DVD and one copy in (your own) external HDD free of charge. Every next copy will be charged £15 per copy. Let us know if you need the video to be delivered in other formats.


We try to save your data as long as we can, but we guarantee only 3 weeks of storing it after the final video has been delivered. That is why we recommend to take a copy of raw footage for your own records.


During the post production process we will review the video together with you. This is the time to make final decisions and to inform us about any changes you require. If you want to make further changes after the final delivery this can be done at rate of £45/h for video editing. If you require to shoot additional footage, then we will have to prepare a new quote for you.


Usually small to medium size educational video production projects can be finished in time period between 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the project.


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