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Product Photography London

We use industry standard commercial product and packshot photography equipment. This guarantees outstanding resolution and quality of photographs which is quite suitable for ecommerce, websites, print and others. This, coupled with the expertise of our camera men delivers the best images in commercial photography.

Product Photography London

Here in CineEye we use industry standard product photography equipment. This coupled with the expertise of our photographers delivers the quality images we are proud of. Our photographs can be used for e-commerce, websites, advertising and print.

CineEye provides commercial product photography for companies in London and Greater London areas. We also occasionally travel nationally and globally to provide our services.

We focus on product photography, still-life, food and packshot photography.

We are always working closely with entrepreneurs and businesses in order to understand their needs and marketing strategies. Our goal is to improve our customer’s sales by creating professional, beautiful and unique imagery. 

How It Works

CineEye delivers expert product photography in our studio in Aldgate East (London) or your business location. We use industry standard cameras and editing software. Our photographers have years of experience in this field of photography.

Our charges are hourly based. Pricing starts at £120 for a 2-hour shoot+edit session in our studio.  We always prefer customers to be present during the shooting as well as editing in order to really appreciate the amount of time that is required in order to produce a quality product photograph.

The volume of photographs that we can produce in a given period can vary drastically depending on the situation, the product and other aspects. Therefore it is vital for you to reach us via our website or otherwise to discuss your project beforehand. We can then agree on the shoot+edit duration as well as the total cost.

After we will have agreed on the project and pricing, we will then invite you to bring your products to our studio, or alternatively we will bring our portable studio to your place.

After taking the photos, we will begin the editing. The level of editing depends on the project. E-commerce photos will have much less intrusive editing than for example promotional or advertising imagery.

Your photos will be delivered to you directly straight after the shoot+edit session. Of if you do not choose to be present during the session yourself we will deliver the product photographs via Dropbox or other online data distribution platform. You can also decide to pick up your completed photos in a pen drive or another media storage device of your own. 


Our charges are hourly based and begin from £120 for a 2-hour shoot+edit session. As a broad guideline, we can shoot and edit about 16 e-commerce photos in 4 hours. The time needed will be more for clothes, jewellery, advertising imagery, bulky objects.

We also provide a full day package for £400. This pack covers 4 hours of photography and 4 hours of editing. During this time we can deliver up to 30 e-commerce photos. Again the volume of photographs we can give with this package will depend on the product type and aesthetic requirements.

As a general guideline, we can suggest that there are three different product photography types that each will need a distinctive amount of time and energy. The time needed, and consequently, the price also will vary accordingly.

The three types of product photography are:

1.E-commerce Photography – realistic depictions of one product on a white or other plain background with a little amount of editing. E-commerce photo editing consists of changing brightness, contrast, white balance, sharpness, noise, shifting elements or visible flaws on items, but no artistic editing is involved (such as clipping paths, adding extra features, etc.).

2. Clothing Photography – same as e-commerce photography, but somewhat more time consuming as clothing needs more preparation before the shoot as well as more post-production (editing). Clothing photography editing will normally be a light editing related to the one we use for e-commerce shots.

3. Advanced Product Photography – promotional and advertising imagery, group shots of products, over-sized and bulky products, jewellery and special product compositions that need advanced lighting, props as well as unconventional post-production methods. All normal editing techniques are involved, but we also use more exceptional editing such as cut outs, clipping paths, adding extra details, etc. 


Standard rate: £70/hour. *

2 h: £120
3 h: £190
5 h: £300
8 h: £400

Travel expenses apply.

These rates are for shoot+edit sessions. We don’t price our product photography shoots per product or per photo. We do it per time spent shooting and editing. We always advise our customers to come and work closely in our studio to see the whole shooting and editing process. This will ensure both parties are satisfied with the result and the speed of work.

As an approximation we can advise that it is possible to shoot+edit around 16 e-commerce photographs in 4 hours. The time can vary for more complex products such as jewellery, clothing, bulky items etc. Best way forward for you is to contact us and tell about your product. Only then we can provide a precise quote. 

  *One hour long photo shoots available only in our Aldgate Ease studio. In order to book us to shoot in your location we will require to book not less than 2 hours long photo shoot (travel fees will also apply).



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